north queensland the adventure awaits


north queensland the adventure awaits

Retreat to the cool Cairns rainforest



Cairns is home to some of Australia's great Tropical Rainforest, it's a campers delight and a relaxer's retreat and also home to numerous rare and endangered species of plants and wildlife.

One of the best mini-adventures you can have while in Cairns is to take either the Kuranda Heritage Train or the Skyrail that winds away through the lush rainforest canopy.

Both trains lead you to the picturesque little village of Kuranda, tucked away in the spectacular setting.  The Heritage Train is an experience guided by knowledgeable and passionate staff who have heaps of information about the region and wildlife and clings to the Kuranda Range while giving passengers spectacular views of the Barron Falls.


That there is in itself another little delight hidden away to explore with stunning cable car rides and lunch opportunities.

The Skyrail is as awesome as it sounds and will lead you to places where you can walk amongst the rainforest canopy and explore scenic vistas and displays.

Kuranda itself is renowned for its arts and crafts with it's Heritage Markets open daily and has some fantastic cafe's for a relaxing lunch amidst the scenery.  It also features fantastic natural experiences such as the Butterfly Sanctuary, Koala Reserve and an impressive Aviary to name but a few.


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