north queensland the adventure awaits


north queensland the adventure awaits

Barron Gorge and Barron Falls

Barron Gorge National Park is a must-see destination when visiting Cairns. The crowning jewel of the Park is Barron Gorge itself, a massive, spectacular waterfall that cascades down dark rocks, feeding into high rock pools (where locals love to swim) and tumbling into the river below.

Surrounded by the lush tropical rainforest for which Cairns is known, there are several great ways to experience Barron Falls.


First, take the Skyrail. The second station on this cable cart canopy journey from Smithfield to Kuranda is Barron Falls Station where you can get out and take a boardwalk through the rainforest to a spectacular lookout. The cable car itself also soars out into the open space above the gorge and you’ll get some spectacular photos from up there. too.


The other great way to see Barron Gorge is to take a ride on the Kuranda Railway. The tracks go right along the cliffs of the Gorge and the beautiful old steam train usually stops at a perfect bend, giving passengers an unparalleled view of the gorge below.


You can also self-drive to get there, or take transport to Kuranda and walk the 20-30 minutes it takes to get to the Gorge.

Learn from the Traditional Owners, the Djabugay Aboriginal People, discover their stories and their knowledge of the land. Discover the pioneers that first crossed the Gorge with wooden bridges and eventually with a giant cable car.


With a colourful history, beautiful surroundings, varied wildlife, stunning backdrops and a huge range of recreational opportunities, Barron Gorge National Park is one of Queensland’s most popular national parks.

Image Credit: Leo Casey

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Stunning underwater adventures on Michaelmas Cay

When in Cairns you absolutely must go and see Michaelmas Cay, just an hour and a half’s cruise out on a boat and you’ll be seeing the marvels of the underwater ecosystem and a sand island that’s home to thousands of birds.

The reefs and coral formations just off the shore of the small island are a wonder. Fish of all shapes, sizes and colour swim right past as you snorkel, and with the seabed only around 5 metres beneath you, you get an unparalleled look at the underwater world beneath the waves.

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Tjapukai Cultural Park

Tjapukai Cultural Park is a fantastic and authentic cultural experience teaching visitors about the history of the Aboriginal people in Australia.

The Tjapukai people inhabit the region around Cairns and inland to Kuranda. Their name means "People of the Rainforest" and the cultural centre tells the stories from their traditional and spiritual beliefs through to their present reality.

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Undara experiences

Experience a unique holiday. Ancient and mysterious lava tunnels and caves lie nestled in the vast Australian Outback. The Undara Experience is a showcase of some of the finest Australian scenery and features an abundance of native Australian Wildlife.

Eco-friendly, the Undara Experience cherishes the pristine natural environment in an effort to preserve this natural wilderness for generations to come.

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