Bushwalking at Mount Stuart

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Bushwalking at Mount Stuart


Mount Stuart is a fantastic bushwalking location near Townsville offering spectacular views out across Townsville itself.

The location provides opportunities for all kinds of outdoor recreational activities, including mountain biking and even rock climbing.

It’s very popular, and you’ll find local runners, bicyclists and hikers making their way to the summit all year.

It has an elevation of 584 metres and is used for commercial television transmission. Named for Clarendon Stuart (1833-1912), Townsville’s first district surveyor.

To reach Mount Stuart, take Stuart Drive into Mount Stuart Road. From the clearing next to the highway to the top of the mountain and back is an 18km return journey.

The walk takes you along the narrow road up and over the foothills of Mount Stuart right up to the towers of the mountain.

At the top there’s a small Loop track perfect for sightseeing, giving unparrelled views out atross the landscape across to the Ross Dam and Ross River. The circuit takes 10 minutes but can be a little dangerous for small children. A few peacocks will happily strut their stuff and let you take pictures. You’re bound to run into other types of wildlife up there as well.

Definitely a steep and hard track, so bring lots of water and sun protection and be prepare to feel the burn.

Alternatively you can reach the top by road and enjoy the fantastic views and the short Loop track before heading back.

Image Credit: By Amos T Fairchild - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1161702