Castle Hill Lookout and walking tracks

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Castle Hill Lookout and walking tracks


The Castle Hill Lookout is the popular destination in Townsville and for good reason. Featuring incredible views the lookout itself offers spectacular vista over Townsville and out to the ocean.

The lookout itself is great but it’s getting there is the fun part. From Castle hill there are a multitude of trails and tracks that lead up through the quiet, tranquil bushland of the hillside.

These range from mild to challenging and are well marked.

On a Sunday morning you will encounter many local runners and walkers exploring the trails on their routine runs.

Needless to say the sunrise and sunset views are particularly spectacular from the lookout.

The two main walking trails

These are city-side trails that are the most popular and easily accessible.

The Cudtheringa Track

This one is the most popular trail. Accessed from opposite the first car park at the bottom of Castle Hill Road. The trail winds up and deposits walkers just shy of the summit. Quite challenging, the start and end are a little steep. Being popular, you might want to avoid the track between 5-7pm if you don’t like crowds.

The Goat Track

This track starts from the Hillside Crescent just outside of the CBD. The Goat Track is made of a steep climb up the road.

Other Tracks

There are a multitude of other tracks winding up, down and around Castle Hill ranging from gentle to only recommended for experienced walkers.

Castle Hill Road

Popular with cyclists and possibly the easiest to follow, simply walk up Castle Hill Road to the lookout and be prepared to huff and puff as it’s quite steep.

Ironbark Track

This track is opposite the city-side tracks, it starts at James Street in West End. This track can get rocky and a little slippery. It’s a challenging track as it goes up and up.

Dianella Track

One of the most challenging of Castle Hill’s tracks, the Dianella Track heads straight up with few flat sections with which to catch your breath.

Maidenhair Track

This track is a nice easy option with plenty of scenic flat sections and a bridge. This track starts at the West End Cemetery at Church Street in West End.

Maidenhair Lower Track

A gentle trail which runs parallel to the Maidenhair Track. This trail offers surprisingly good view.

Erythrina Track

This track is more of a shortcut between Balmoral Place and Castle Hill Road. 400 meters long.

West Ridge Track

Starting on William Street in West End and finishing half way up the hill, this track is rocky and steep but leads to a fantastic ridgeline with 360 degree views out to The Strand and Magnetic Island one way and out to Mount Stuart the other.

Scramble Track

Also known as ‘Suicide’ and ‘Heartbreak’ this is an unmarked trail which is incredibly steep and slightly unstable. You’ll find it opposite the Ironbark Track.

Blue Spot Track

This is a another challenging track. It leads off from the Maidenhair Track and leads off with a series of challenging climbs and clambers.

Belgian Gardens Link Track

Starting from Potts Street near the Belgian Gardens State School, this track is mostly flat and leads through some bushland behind the school.
Westies Track

This is a downhill MTB Track, it’s well maintained but challenging, if you decide to use it be careful of downhill mountain bikers.

Summit Walk, Radar Hill Walk and Pillar Box Walk

These are short concreted walking tracks from the summit of Castle Hill, particularly great for visitors as you get some incredible views of Townsville and surrounds.