Cairns attraction - Tjapukai Cultural Park

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Cairns attraction - Tjapukai Cultural Park


Tjapukai Cultural Park is a fantastic and authentic cultural experience teaching visitors about the history of the Aboriginal people in Australia.

The Tjapukai people inhabit the region around Cairns and inland to Kuranda. Their name means "People of the Rainforest" and the cultural centre tells the stories from their traditional and spiritual beliefs through to their present reality.

Experience traditional songs and dances by indigenous performers and learn about the rich and storied history of aboriginal culture.

The Dance Theatre hosts live performances set outdoors, celebrating traditional Tjapukai corroborees and songs.

The Creation Theatre combines giant holograms with live performers to retell spiritual and traditional beliefs of the Tjapukai people. It’s a story told in traditional language, but the audience can grab headsets and listen in any of 7 languages including english.

Explore the museum which is filled with artefacts, some 40,000 years old.

Ever wanted to know how to throw a boomerang? You can do that and learn from the best. Take part in a boomerang or spear throwing demonstration and discover how the indigenous Australian’s hunt. You can also learn to play the didgeridoo and sample some delicious bush foods with the Tjapukai people.

Finish off your visit with a meal at the air-conditioned 5-star buffet Boomerang Restaurant which has an emphasis on native foods.