Birdwatching in North Queensland

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Birdwatching in North Queensland


When you’re thinking of things to do in North Queensland, visiting the local mining towns may not exactly spring to mind.  But being overlooked can sometimes have it’s advantages.

Mackay is is part of the Mining Trail drive, along which you’ll find many rustic and industrious townships that have sprung up since the mining boom.

Surprisingly, these places are home to a variety of bird species that even the most passionate birdwatcher would hope to see. The towns host a diverse range of habitats and enables our winged friends to flourish.


Emu’s can often be seen from the rural roadsides. Galah’s and other colourful parrots flock in abundance in the township and blue-face honeyeaters are a common sight. Migratory shorebirds can be found near bodies of water. Wild Budgerigars flock throughout the winter months and you can see many different species of Robin, Cuckoo, Honeyeaters, Curlews, Flycatchers, Woodswallows, Rosellas and many more.

The local birdwatchers love reports, they'd love to know all about your findings. They're always trying to gather more information and collate bird sightings and movements. Visit the Australian birdwatching website and create an account to get in touch with the local Mackay birdwatchers.