Mackay attraction - Discover the Sugar Mill

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Mackay attraction - Discover the Sugar Mill


During the crushing and harvest season in Mackay which is coming up and runs from May to December, you can take a fantastic tour that gives a great insight into the running of the sugar cane industry of the region.

Discover how the sugar itself is made on a tour that takes you through every step of the fascinating process, taking a crop of green plants and changing it into the sweet and delicious product we all use.

The guides are experienced and knowledgeable, offering a great experience for the curious.

Note that health and safety rules apply for visitors so long pants and long sleeve shirts and enclosed shoes are mandatory.


See the Sugar Mill interior on a totally sweet industry tour.

Built in 1883, the Farleigh Mill has undergone many changes and it’s a brilliant monument to the industrial era. Learn about the fascinating recycling process, get up close to the machinery and experience the sights, smells and sounds of a functioning mill.

Enjoy a great lunch at the Farleigh Tavern overlooking the Mill and surrounding countryside. If you’d like a more in depth tour day tour of the whole process, you can take tours that follow the crop all the way from the harvester in the fields, through the Mill and then out to the Refinery.