Stunning Mackay attraction - The Orchid House

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Stunning Mackay attraction - The Orchid House


When in Mackay make sure to spend some time at the Ken Burgess Display House, commonly referred to as the Orchid House.

It’s a wonderful way to spend an hour or two, exploring the large, hexagonal shaped greenhouse in bloom.

It’s absolutely beautiful. Enter a cool oasis that’s surrounded by majestic trees and tropical gardens.

Stroll through the warm interior and take in the vast array of exquisite orchids. The Orchid House has approximately 600 varieties on display and a seasonal rotation ensures that there’s always something new and wonderful in bloom.

Wonderful and bizarre looking exotic and Australian native orchids grow throughout. The collection includes some ground living orchids but is mainly made up of tree and rock living orchids.


Popular traditional varieties often used in corsages, like the Cattleya will dazzle with spectacular colours, while you can also encounter the fascinating ‘upside down’ orchid Stanhopea.

The scents are also astounding. Some orchids smell as beautifully as you’d expect, while others have exotic scents such as chocolate and vanilla, other's smell putrid, scents designed to be attractive to insects.

Orchids can live for a very long time and some plants on display at the Orchid House are over 75 years old.

The Orchid Display House is located at Queens Park, Goldsmith Street, Mackay. The best thing, it’s free!

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 10am to 11am and 2pm to 3pm

Sunday >10am to 2pm

Closed on Saturdays and public holidays.
Contact: 1300 622 522

First Image - By Michael Shehan Obeysekera - Flickr: Orchids, CC BY 2.0,