Keswick Island Getaways - Tropical Paradise so close to Mackay

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Keswick Island Getaways - Tropical Paradise so close to Mackay


Located just a stone's throw from tropical Mackay, Keswick Island is nestled amongst the Great Barrier Reef’s stunning turquoise waters.

There’s much to uncover and plenty to see and do. It’s a whole world on natural experiences from tropical rainforests to the white sandy beaches that fringe them. Explore the delights of the vibrant coral reef and get close and personal with the marine life that calls this paradise home.

Staying there is a healthy part of the fun, with unspoilt wildernesses to explore combined with all the first class amenities you’d expect from a five star tourist destination. But Keswick is also a brilliant launching platform for a range of other great experiences on the Great Barrier Reef and around Mackay.

Explore secluded beaches and go snorkelling off the stretches of white-sand. Get a taste of some of the island’s healthy honey bees. Explore a Coral Reef on a guided tour and get there on a yacht or cruiser chartered to take you out into the stunning blue with a great seafood lunch almost guaranteed.

Explore the island to it’s fullest, go bushwalking along many of the best trails and discover wondrous lookouts while breathing of the freshest coastal air.

There are also some great day trips to Keswick Island which is a great option when staying in Mackay. You get free time to explore the island as well as some great organised activities like water sports, fish feeding and a great Aussie BBQ lunch. Getting there is half the fun too with scenic transfers by boat or plane.

When in Mackay definitely think about planning a trip to Keswick Island.