buy local while in north queensland


buy local while in north queensland


BoxHead Coffee and Food is making drive through great again.

BoxHead strives to provide seriously great coffee and unique food. Some of their unique food items include the Jaffle box, loaded box, potato gems, schnitzel and gravy rolls, granola cups, homemade sweets, and more.

They also provide coffee any way you like it, as well as milkshakes and juice.  Phone ahead on 0498 753 254 and pick up your order in the drive-through.

Get in touch

79-89 Mulgrave Rd
Parramatta Park
Queensland, 4870

Opening hours

Monday to Friday - 6.30am to 2pm

Saturday - 7.30am to 1.30pm

Category: Food and Beverage
Tags: Coffee, Food, Cafe