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The Hummer Adventures Night Tour

Experience the rainforest and outback at night in a high performance, all terrain, H1 military hummer! Followed by a fun filled evening of star gazing and rock wallaby feeding at Granite Gorge. An Aussie bushfire dinner is also included. The Night Tour will take you from your accommodation to a rugged untouched bushland on the outskirts of Kuranda, settled under the huge mango tree by the camp fire. Try some barbecued kangaroo sausages, roast some marshmallows, enjoy the Aussie outback life style with some Billy Tea. Star gaze and explore the skies. Then board the American Military H1 Hummer. You are rushed into the rainforest, crossing the creek while experiencing the strength of this high performance, off road, all terrain vehicle driven by your experienced driver guide. After this, you'll then travel to Granite Gorge. Here you'll be met by the ever friendly little Wallaby, the smallest species of Kangaroo in Australia. They are so friendly and will eat out of your hands! At the end of this tour, they take you back to your hotel by 10:30pm.