north queensland the adventure awaits


north queensland the adventure awaits

Eungella National Park

Set in the mountains, around 80 kilometres west of Mackay, Eungella National Park is one of Queensland’s most ecologically diverse parks. It’s full of subtropical and tropical rainforests and is a wilderness wonderland to explore.

Bushwalking is fantastic at Eungella with more than 20 kilometres of stunning, rugged walking tracks that lead from hidden waterfall to scenic lookout. Enjoy a bush picnic under the boughs of huge and ancient trees or go spotlighting to spy gently on the range of native wildlife and forest creatures like the famous Platypus.

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Whitsunday Sailing Adventures

The Whitsundays are one of the most popular holiday destinations in Australia and for good reason. They are pretty much the definition of ‘Tropical Paradise’ - crystal clear water surrounds the iconic white-sand islands. Beaches, sailing, snorkelling, adventure tours, it’s a unique aquatic playground near the Great Barrier Reef.

Sailing is a way to explore both above and below the protected tropical waters of the beautiful Whitsunday Islands.

Just imagine, the sweeping white sails of a yacht stretching up above you towards the warm midday sun, casting it’s light down through the clear waters, illuminating the sandy seabed and the prolific range of beautiful sea life beneath the waves. You might be on a catamaran, with it’s stretching trampoline-like material taut between two hulls.

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Birdwatching in North Queensland

When you’re thinking of things to do in North Queensland, visiting the local mining towns may not exactly spring to mind. But being overlooked can sometimes have its advantages.

Mackay is part of the Mining Trail drive, along which you’ll find many rustic and industrious townships that have sprung up since the mining boom.

Surprisingly, these places are home to a variety of bird species that even the most passionate birdwatcher would hope to see. The towns host a diverse range of habitats and enable our winged friends to flourish.

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Mackay attraction - Discover the Sugar Mill

During the crushing and harvest season in Mackay which is coming up and runs from May to December, you can take a fantastic tour that gives a great insight into the running of the sugar cane industry of the region.

Discover how the sugar itself is made on a tour that takes you through every step of the fascinating process, taking a crop of green plants and changing it into the sweet and delicious product we all use.

The guides are experienced and knowledgeable, offering a great experience for the curious.

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See Mackay from sky high - sky diving and air tour adventures

Rated as one of the best experiences in Mackay, you can take to the skies and experience unparalleled views on an air tour or adrenaline-pumping skydive.

Launch yourself from a height of 10,000 feet or more and plummet to earth for around 45 seconds in an exhilarating tandem skydive with an experienced professional tandem master.

Open the chute and then float lazily beneath the canopy of your chute for five minutes, taking in the beautiful scenery of Mackay below.

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