buy local while in north queensland


buy local while in north queensland

Lamberts Fresh Produce

Lamberts Fresh produce is a family-owned local farmers market operating in Townsville seven days a week. Our fruit & vegetable produce is picked on the farm one day and on the shelf the next. We don’t just respect farmers and fresh produce, we’re driven by it. The North Queensland region covers some beautiful farmland and there's no better way to appreciate the hard work farmers do than to shop at the best farmers' market and butcher shop in Townsville.

Our prices, our fresh produce, our meat specials– are all determined by the market and what's in season. This is the best way to save on your shopping and have you eating fresh. With our long-established relationships with local farmers, we ensure you get cheap fruit & veg of the highest quality and also offer a line of a gourmet grocery, frozen and chilled products. We also pride ourselves on stocking a diverse range of fruit & vegetables that you may not see in other fruit shops.

Lamberts has an in-house meat department slicing seven days a week with over 15 traditionally trained local Townsville butchers. You will love our grass-fed Bingal Bay beef, famous wood smoked ham, chicken products, and small goods.

We also have pets, live poultry, plants, gardening, farming supplies, and stockfeed departments, so if you have a pest, pet, or plant problem we can help.

Come and see your local farmers market today and shop locally to support Aussie farmers. Open 7 days for your convenience.

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22 Fleming St
Queensland, 4814

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Monday - Friday 8am - 5.30pm Saturday 8am - 4pm Sunday 8am - 3pm

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