buy local while in north queensland


buy local while in north queensland

NQ Canopy Hire & BT Alloy Welding

BT Alloy Welding is a well-known aluminium fabrication business based in Ayr.

They produce high quality of work with attention to detail, and have been fabricating aluminium and stainless steel products since 1996. 

BT Alloy Welding has designed, fabricated, welded and delivered a broad range of products including heavy duty trays, canopies, trailers, right through to fitting out boats. 

Their canopies are designed and fabricated to withstand whatever you throw at them. They have been building their waterproof, dustproof, lockable canopies forever, and they are built strong out of 2.5/3mm aluminium. The basic canopy weighs around 120kg empty. 

NQ Canopy Hire was launched recently and they have three canopies for hire ranging from a basic canopy through to a fully set out canopy with their own Pigibak Campa set up. 

Why not try before you buy!

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10 McCathie Street
Queensland, 4807

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Monday to Friday - 7am to 5pm

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