buy local while in north queensland


buy local while in north queensland

Master Butchers Whitsunday

Master Butchers Whitsunday is owned by Don Cameron and Karen Rix, they also have a second store in the Whitsunday Shopping Centre, MBW On the Barbie. All Quality!!

Master Butchers Whitsunday has a wide range of meat available in store. This includes Don's award-winning sausages, there are too many to list them all, but some of the crowd favourites include; Lamb, sweet chilli and mango; Pork, apple and jalapeno and Spanish Chorizo. MBW also have a range of gluten and preservative-free sausages with Chicken or Beef and flavoured with leek and garlic.

As well as stocking all your standard cuts of meat, MBW also stock Chicken Mignons; Filet Mignons; Chicken Enchilada's; Lamb Noisettes; Cordon Bleu; a great range of Kebabs; various flavoured Biltong; Kangaroo, Venison, Quail and Spatchcock.

If it's not in-store...just ask for it!

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42 Stewart Drive
Queensland, 4802

Opening hours

Monday to Friday - 8am to 6pm 

Saturday - 8am to 2pm 

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