Keswick Island Getaways - Tropical Paradise so close to Mackay

Located just a stone's throw from tropical Mackay, Keswick Island is nestled amongst the Great Barrier Reef’s stunning turquoise waters.

There’s much to uncover and plenty to see and do. It’s a whole world on natural experiences from tropical rainforests to the white sandy beaches that fringe them. Explore the delights of the vibrant coral reef and get close and personal with the marine life that calls this paradise home.

Staying there is a healthy part of the fun, with unspoilt wildernesses to explore combined with all the first-class amenities you’d expect from a five-star tourist destination. But Keswick is also a brilliant launching platform for a range of other great experiences on the Great Barrier Reef and around Mackay.

Mackay's Bluewater Trail

A new and wonderful addition to Mackay’s natural spaces, the Bluewater Trail in Mackay visits all of the important natural and recreational spaces in Mackay.

You’ll visit the Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens, a fantastic recreational space in and of itself, with beautiful gardens and plenty of space.

The Bluewater trail then runs through the Sandfly Creek Environmental Walkway, a great walk and a great ride too. It then takes advantage of the Catherine Freeman Walk before passing the free three-tiered Bluewater Lagoon swimming facility, offering a chance to cool off with a dip into the waters.