Adventure Tourism in North Queensland

Mackay is known for fantastic adventure tourism and adrenalin pumping adventures - that’s because this natural playground is filled from north to south coast with wilderness and hundreds opportunities for heart-pumping fun.

People soar on engineered wings of fabric and cable while beneath, others dive through the undergrowth on mountain bikes, splashing through shallow creeks. Creeks that lead to rivers upon which kayakers explore. Downstream the rivers open up to the sea.

People are launching themselves from cliff faces into the churning waters below with glee and/or terror on their face as yachts ride the unrelenting wind further out to sea. They cut through white-capped waves as the crew launch their weight to counterbalance, sea spray stinging determined faces.

Kuranda Scenic Railway is a must-see journey

Enjoy this beautiful journey through the Wet Tropics.

Surrounded by rugged mountains and flowing waterfalls, wind your way through a tropical paradise on the Kuranda Scenic Railway.

The beautiful Palm Cove

For a getaway that’s not too far from home, you can’t go past a visit to beautiful Palm Cove.

This unique, quiet and relaxing little village offers the perfect opportunity for a weekend sea change and offers visitors a memorable tropical holiday.

Whitsunday Sailing Adventures

The Whitsundays are one of the most popular holiday destinations in Australia and for good reason. They are pretty much the definition of ‘Tropical Paradise’ - crystal clear water surrounds the iconic white-sand islands. Beaches, sailing, snorkelling, adventure tours, it’s a unique aquatic playground near the Great Barrier Reef.

Sailing is a way to explore both above and below the protected tropical waters of the beautiful Whitsunday Islands.

Just imagine, the sweeping white sails of a yacht stretching up above you towards the warm midday sun, casting it’s light down through the clear waters, illuminating the sandy seabed and the prolific range of beautiful sea life beneath the waves. You might be on a catamaran, with it’s stretching trampoline-like material taut between two hulls.